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Build contextualized experiences and harness graphical monitoring tools

Leverage one automation platform for every process and any device

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Analyst Report

Forrester study finds that Bizagi delivers 288% ROI

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Bizagi’s Low-Code Intelligent Process Automation Platform showcases an average of $33.3M in business benefits over three years.

Unlock the Combined Power of Intelligent Automation Technologies


Robotic Process Automation

Bizagi helps you initiate and orchestrate bots to perform manual tasks typically undertaken by humans, increasing the speed and accuracy of organizational processes.

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Digital Process Automation

Bizagi's platform enables you to design and automate the full end-to-end processes that include the work of multiple departments, humans and robots across the organization.

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Artificial Intelligence

Bizagi's AI capabilities will enable you to boost the intelligence in your processes by applying algorithms to your process data, helping you make better instantaneous business decisions.

Discover True Cloud

Bizagi Automation Service runs natively in the Microsoft Azure App Service rather than a virtual machine environment.
This enables you to take advantage of the full potential of the cloud.


Always-on High Availability to deliver 24/7 as your customers expect.

Support access while maintaining control to protect critical data with advanced cloud security and compliance.

Ease the burden of migration to keep your organization updated with the latest technology innovations.

Scale up and down to maintain optimal performance.

Why choose Bizagi Automation?

The process is the application

The lowest code and the most intuitive build environment in the market, enabling collaboration between business and IT using process as a common language.

The new generation of mobile solutions

Create better experiences for your users, boosting operational efficiency by allowing them to engage with processes wherever they are and on any device.

Advanced security and compliance

Bizagi keeps your data safe. Being a native cloud application means we meet the very highest industry standards for security, scalability, availability compliance and data privacy.

Discover Bizagi Sites

Enable anyone to build a custom contextualized UI for your Bizagi applications.
Bizagi Sites provides an out-of-the-box customizable, no-code, user-friendly design experience.

Build new custom interfaces without coding

Create customer-ready contextualized user-experiences

Use ready-to-go templates to accelerate production

Unlock Global Orchestration

With Bizagi 's extensible architecture and sophisticated out of box capabilities you can dynamically orchestrate people, applications, devices, information and robots on a global scale. SAP, Salesforce, Excel, among many other integrations ready to use.


Connector Xchange

Integrate your process application to any system or application with a wide range of free ready to use connectors

Can't find the one you need?

Create your own connector through our free SaaS solution and rest assured it will be compatible with future versions

Other integration services

SOA and REST layers


+ Over 130 Connectors & Widgets

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