Transform the way you work

Increase efficiency and reduce costs

Improve customer experiences and boost revenue

Ensure compliance and mitigate risk

Why choose Bizagi Automation?


Our easy-to-use interface allows you to seamlessly switch from no-code, low-code, and expert modes according to your level of coding needs and expertise.


Create applications that can operate on a global scale and easily integrate with multiple data sources using pre-built connectors and integrations.


Enable business subject matter experts and IT to collaborate in fusion teams to inspire innovation and create applications that meet requirements faster.

Build in Bizagi Studio


Bizagi Studio is our low-code interface that enables you to create enterprise applications and workflows.

Build simple and complex enterprise applications on a single platform

Support fusion teams with Expert and Wizard views

Bring together disparate data, systems, people, and bots

Create experiences with Bizagi Sites

Enable anyone to build a custom contextualized UI for your Bizagi applications. Bizagi Sites provides an out-of-the-box customizable, no-code, user-friendly design experience.

Build and connect without coding

Use ready-to-go templates for rapid and cost effective production

Deliver data-driven, personalized and contextualized user experiences

Orchestrate with integration

With Bizagi 's extensible architecture and sophisticated out-of-the-box capabilities you can dynamically orchestrate people, applications, devices, information and robots on a global scale.

Increase data accessibility

Simplify data analysis

Choose from pre-built, native or bespoke connectors

Analyst Report

Forrester study finds that Bizagi delivers 288% ROI

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Bizagi’s Low-Code Intelligent Process Automation Platform showcases an average of $33.3M in business benefits over three years.

Accelerating innovation with automation

320,000 global users access VDM portal

60% reduction in operational costs

50% reduced pricing approval cycle time

2 hours a day saved by employees

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